Beiter Sexuality Preference Indicator

You are about to be asked 90 questions as they relate to the way you experience your sexuality in relationship to your sexual encounters. The intent of this test is for you to select the first answer that comes to your mind. Do not overthink a response and all questions must be answered. You are going to be assessed on your preferences in four broad categories: ways of being with your partner; ways in which you get aroused; ways in which you are connected to your partner and ways in which you prefer your sexual routine. After you answer the last question and select the Next button, you will be given the results along with a brief explanatory description based on your preferences. The instrument was developed to help you more openly and comfortably discuss your sexual preferences and gain an understanding of your own sexuality. Thank you for agreeing to take the Beiter Sexuality Preference Indicator.

The test you are about to take is confidential. No identifying information will be captured, for example your IP address. The demographic information in the beginning is optional and will in no way affect your results.